You have a message and you're on a mission to change the world. You're experienced, Skilled, and KNOWLEDGEABLE.

But, you're fed up of watching less experienced competitors get the best clients, speaking gigs, and media attention.

It's time to position yourself as the person everyone wants to work with, whatever it takes, however much it costs, and regardless of the competition.


About Rob

Rob Cuesta is the CEO and Founder of BrightFlame Books and HyperSuasion Consulting, and author of eight Amazon best-selling books on sales and marketing for professionals. With a client base that spans four continents and over 25 years’ experience as a speaker, consultant and marketer, Rob has worked with some of the largest organisations in the world and some of the smallest.

A former senior manager with Deloitte Consulting, Rob initially trained as a CPA with Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC). He holds an MBA with Distinction from Warwick Business School and a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing from the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing. He has presented on career management and leadership skills to MBA classes at leading business schools and was an adjunct professor of Marketing and Operations Strategy before moving to Canada in 2014.

He founded BrightFlame Books in 2014 to help busy professionals create books that position them as leaders in their industry and help them have a bigger impact in the world while generating more leads, closing more deals, and making more money - all while having more fun!

A true “global citizen”, Rob was born and raised in the UK to Spanish parents, but now lives in Toronto Canada. He is a keen amateur musician and plays with two army reserve bands in his spare time.

"A lot of money gets wasted by businesses every year on marketing that, quite frankly, doesn’t work. After completing my MBA at a top European business school I realised that what was missing from a lot of the standard marketing approaches was a way of showing a direct link from marketing to revenue. Business owners were screaming ‘show me the money!’ and marketers couldn’t. Or wouldn’t. So I made myself a promise: to only use marketing techniques – for myself and for my clients – that would directly drive money into the business." Rob Cuesta

Rob’s passion for communication has driven much of his professional development. “I remember at school,” he says, “while other kids were on the sports field trying out for the soccer team, I’d be in the library reading about languages, human behaviour, the art of writing…anything I could find about how people communicate and how we react to communication.”

Rob’s promise is simple: to help you add an extra zero to your income by positioning you as the leading expert in your field and then developing marketing funnels that convert total strangers into buyers, repeat buyers, and ultimately into referrers. All on autopilot.

WARNING: working with Rob may expose you to revolutionary ideas, untapped revenue streams and extreme profitability. You have been warned!

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Stop trying to make money!

Have you ever noticed that most of the language around money is based on a manufacturing metaphor? You "make" money. You "generate" revenue". you "create" prosperity. The best salespeople are called "top producers".  I hate that idea. With a passion. Here's why...

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