Award-Winning  International Coach, Consultant, and Trainer

With a client base that spans the globe, from San Diego to Shanghai and Stockholm to Sydney, Rob has helped thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs to radically increase their profits and focus on the highest-value activities.

As a coach and consultant, Rob helps clients of all scales, from the world's largest IT companies, banks, and accounting and consulting firms to solopreneurs and small regional firms. 

They all share a core imperative to

  • Position themselves at the top of their field and dominate their marketplace.
  • Create superior service experiences and value for their customers and clients.
  • Get paid more than just "the market rate" for what they do.
  • Build a business that allows them to focus on their Zone of Genius while working with clients they love.

WHo trusts Rob as their Coach?

Over the years, Rob has worked with entrepreneurs and business leaders from all sorts of organizations. 

  • He has worked with dozens of senior partners at PwC, one of the world's largest accounting and consulting firms.
  • He has coached dozens of leaders from around the world at Microsoft to deal with their trickiest management challenges.
  • He has also worked with individual leaders from Ernst & Young, Miehle, Goldman Sachs, EDS, and many other organizations.
  • And he has coached more than 200 solopreneur coaches, consultants, and professional advisers across the globe to grow their business and build their personal brand as Standout Experts in their field.

INternationally-recognized trainer and facilitator

Rob has thousands of hours of experience as a leadership trainer and facilitator, both face-to-face and online

  • Rob facilitated more than 100 live and virtual leadership workshops for Microsoft across Europe and North America, and was named the company's top leadership facilitator in EMEA
  • He has taught presentation skills to the global board of HSBC, and leadership to the board of ABN AMRO Bank
  • When SAP, one of the world's largest enterprise software companies, needed help to re-energize their 3rd-party vendors in France, they flew Rob halfway around the world to run a series of sales workshops, and to strategize with individual vendor companies
  • His biggest challenges have been facilitating leadership training in French for Michelin in France and GSK in Canada!

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here are the main ways to work with Rob and his team

One-on-One Laser Coaching

Unlimited personal support from Rob himself to  build your personal brand, grow your business, and achieve your key objectives

Power Day

Work one-on-one with Rob to break through your blocks and complete one major goal in your business in a single day.

Your Personal Ghostwriter

Work with BrightFlame Books to create an Anchor Book and build a marketing campaign to grow your brand, your business, and your income.

Done-With-You Bestseller

Join other experts like you as you write your bestselling anchor book with our detailed guidance and support.

“I can market myself in a way that honours my deepest values”

As one of life’s natural sceptics, I came to the workshop wondering if I would learn anything. My biggest challenge was how to get over my horror – no REVULSION – at the thought of having to “market” myself (even though I knew deep down I needed to do it).

What I learned is that I can market myself in a way that honours my deepest values: “marketing” is neither good nor bad – it is how you use it that matters, and Rob showed me many ways to use it with positive intent.

I had a great time. Normally I find these workshops draining, but the way Rob structured the course really helped me to stay energised and on track.

Chris de Castell

Toronto & Montreal

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